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Introduction to Meilian’s Quality Control System

Based on the principle of “Strict Control with Focus on Prevention for Consistent Quality”, Meilian Chemical has established a full set of quality control system.

Meilian Chemical boasts a group of high-talented technicians and QC inspectors, and is well equipped with lab instruments. We apply strict standards in the purchase of raw materials and do our best to control the stability of the processing technology. We put much focus on the initial examination and apply the “Isometric-time Sampling Method” during the manufacturing process to examine the products. The staff have also formed the concept of self-examination and mutual-examination, thus making sure the quality for all of our products.

First, raw materials examination:
Raw materials to be examined for 105℃ volatiles, siftings, oil absorption, migration resistance, heat resistance, sunlight resistance, weathering resistance, color shade, tint strength and hygiene standard, etc. Furthermore, we have established a mechanism to better choose the raw materials and to control the quality from the very start.

Second, the examination procedures of the final products:
1) Examination during the process: every product, right after putting into production, must have an initial on-site quality examination; only by passing it can we continue the production. During the manufacturing process, we applied the “Isometric-time Sampling Method” to examine the products from the auto-production lines at a regular interval. If there’s any problem, we solve it as soon as possible to prevent the unqualified product from going onto the next chain of production.
2) Final examination: the QC Dept. examines and assesses all the specifications of the products, only the qualified can proceed to the market.

Third, the ruling specifications of masterbatches:
Appearance: the masterbatch should be even pallets with glossy surface and identical color. It must not have more than two pellets adhering together, and the percentage points for two pellets adhering together should not surpass 0.2%.
Moisture: ≤0.15%
Tint Strength: it should be between -5% to +5% compared with the standard sample.
Color Shade: basically the same compared with the standard sample.
Chromatism: Δ E ≤ 3, compared with the standard sample.
Migration Resistance: ≥ Grade 4, per the Grades of Gray-card.
Heat Resistance: ≥ Grade 4, per the Grades of Gray-card.
Dispersibility of laminating: ≥ Grade 4
Dispersibility of blow film: should be determined by the appearance requirements of GB4456-84.
The content of heavy metal: Lead < 100ppm, Arsenic < 50ppm, Mercury < 50ppm, Cadmium < 100ppm, Selenium < 100ppm, Barium < 100ppm, Free Aromatic Amine < 500ppm.

Fourth, the essential inspection instruments:
Electronic Balance on the scale of one to ten thousand
Electronic Microscope
Spectrophotometer: to examine the chromatism
Measurement Instrument for Melt Flow Rate: to examine the MFR of masterbatches
Dropping Point Measurement Instrument: to examine the dropping point of solid hydrocarbon
Resistance Furnace: to examine the ash content of masterbatches
Electric-heated Blowing Cabinet Dryer: to examine the moisture
Double-roller Plasticator: to examine the dispersibility of laminating
Platen Press: to examine the dispersibility of laminating
Injection Molding Machine: to examine the dispersibility of laminating
Blowing Film Machine: to examine the dispersibility of blow film


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